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Frances Browne Bicentennial Competition in association with the Finn Valley Voice

Closing date for entries is Friday 16th Sep 2016

Frances Browne, the Blind Poetess of Ulster, is the most important writer ever to emerge from Donegal's Finn Valley.
The Finn Valley area is Ireland's most important district in linguistic terms. All three of Ireland's traditional languages

-- Irish, English, and Ulster-Scots --

are widely spoken in the Finn Valley.This situation is unique in Ireland.
Frances Browne's most famous poem, "Songs of our land," is a reflection on language, and how the soul of a nation is encapsulated in its literary outputs.
She wrote prolifically in all formats. She was as much at home with an essay, an article, or a novel as she was with her great fortes, poetry and childrens'  writing.  
Her masterpiece, the childrens' storybook "Granny's Wonderful Chair" was a bestseller all over the world,
but she also deserves to be remembered for her unswerving opposition to slavery and all sorts of injustice.
In this year, the 200th anniversary of Frances Browne's birth, we celebrate her memory by inviting all of you to mark the occasion.
By writing, of course. A poem, a story, a memory, an opinion piece, an essay. As Frances Browne did.
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